Storm Trend2 bowling ball
  • Storm Trend2 bowling ball
  • Storm Trend2 bowling ball

Storm Trend2 bowling ball

Brand: Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Trend 2 Pro Performance Bowling Ball

For a ball to be emblazoned with Jason Belmonte’s insignia, you know it must be special. After all, his 13 majors and multiple PBA Player of the Year accolades is no small feat. This man knows what he’s talking about, so we’ve enlisted his help in designing some of the highest performing balls on the market, balls which reflect his career.

“Of all the Signature™ line balls Storm and I have created, Trend 2 has us the most excited. With a stronger cover and a redesign of the weight block, we have created an absolute monster for any style of player,” said Jason. “Trend 2 will give you the ability to move deeper on the lane without losing entry angle into the pocket. If you are in need of throwing that big couple games, Trend 2 is going to have your back.”

Now it’s time to set another TREND with the Trend 2.

Availability: 29 January 2021
Color: Indigo/Space Black/Rosé
Coverstock: NRG Hybrid reactive
Weight Block: Piston LD (Symmetric)
Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Flare Potential: Medium
Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.54 (15lb)
Differential (Diff): 0.041 (15lb)
Fragrance: Orange Meringue

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